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Spec the Halls Contest Opens Soon! - Elfwood
Spec the Halls Contest Opens Soon!

Welcome back to Spec the Halls !

Spec the Halls is a contest for speculative winter holiday-themed fiction, artwork, and poetry. The holiday may be fictional or real; it may be Christmas or Yuletide as we know and love it, or it may be something much stranger.

Submissions open November 1st, and the earlier you submit, the more likely your submission is to be a featured submission! And you should submit, since this is still a relatively small contest, which means your odds of winning are good. Not that you'd be that calculating and cold-blooded, of course.

The contest guidelines remain essentially the same as last year, though the prize amount has increased. To refresh your memory, read the guidelines.

Post about this contest! Spread the holiday cheer...the strange, twisted, weird holiday cheer.

You can sign up for the weekly-ish newsletter sent from mid-November to Christmas, at the Spec the Halls website.

Or if you prefer, these newsletters will also be duplicated in an RSS feed spun off from my blog at:
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