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What happened to Elfwood? - Elfwood
What happened to Elfwood?
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From: tgw_whale Date: February 10th, 2009 01:41 am (UTC) (Link)

We all know what happened

We know what happened here, and I think we've discussed it many times.

An art site such as Elfwood will have a comparatively small number of quality artists, and a whole lot of us who were far short of professional. I have seen art on Elfwood that is as good as, or even better than, most of the stuff done by famous professional fantasy artists. But because Elfwood from the beginning didn't judge as to whether artworks were "good enough" for the 'Woods, it soon became overrun by poor to mediocre anime-style elves drawn by teen-agers.

Now it is the teen-aged artist wannabes that are the ones who are far more likely to post pirated art as their own. It is the possibility of being sued over pirated art that makes it necessary to have moderators check every picture. And with the great number of people posting on the site, the moderation queue became very long.

Adding to this were the ridiculous moderation rules that would disqualify at least half of the works done by professional fantasy artists. I am sure that the few top-quality artists that make the site worthwhile from an artistic point of view became frustrated with these rules. Meanwhile, the endless numbers of anime-elves all qualified, because of pointy ears. I do not claim to be a top-quality artist, but I did have a picture rejected during my Elfwood days for an obscure rule that to this day I find ridiculous.

So the top artists got frustrated and drifted away. So did the many resident "colorful characters" (this means you, Kharmi) who were the heart of boards such as this one. That is what happened to Elfwood.

Could Elfwood be revived? Probably not. There just aren't that many top-quality artists that come along, and many of those who used to post on Elfwood have moved on.

As for myself, I left Elfwood because of circumstances beyond the control of myself and certainly beyond the control of the people running Elfwood. Sites such as Elfwood will always be losing some members. But when the rules and the system are driving away your quality artists and colorful characters, an art site is doomed. Elfwood survives, or course, but the beloved Elfwood of old is gone.
29 comments ~ Leave a comment